Trafostanice (Trafo station)

As the name itself brings into mind it included energetic centre of the shaft. But the historic observers from times when mining was done in Hlubina most associate it with mineworkers´ sauna which existed with its part along Místecká street. After operations were finished in mine, a massage saloon settled there for long time. The red heart which tempted visitors during night promised more than just a massage.

Atelier next to atelier – that is a future pudding-stone of historic buildings with name Trafostanice. Whether as permanent tenants, or as artists from the whole world on residential stay in two floors of this building, people will be constantly creating and winnning battles in the field of visual arts.

17 art ateliers (from 16 to 50m2)

For single or long-term hire from 2015 and other opportunities please contact us on


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