One of the oldest and architectonically most valuable building in black coal mine. The coal miners came in here for a shift, changed into shaft working clothes and headed into underground. At the end of the shift they washed away the coal dust in the bathrooms downstairs. Later the coal miner´s orchestra also rehearsed in Staré Koupelny as well as the first Ostrava´s puppet theatre.

Staré koupelny - před přestavbou

After reconstruction Staré Koupelny will be the crux of Provoz Hlubina.

Day club, cafe and info stall (340m2)

Night club (390m2)

Meeting point and offices of Provoz Hlubina (113m2)

Background and changing rooms for performers

5 ateliers for workrooms, classrooms and music rehearsal rooms (each 70m2)

Hall (480m2)

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