PRŮBĚŽNÁ JÍDELNA (Trespassing canteen)

The storey building that follows up to Nové Koupelny (New Bathrooms) both built in Brussel´s style from fifties of the twentieth century. The mineworkers refreshed here by a gateway to shifts and after the mining shift was over. Hundreds of litres of mineral water, half litres glasses of eight-degree beers, soups, rolls with salads and sausages helped men and women to cope with hard work while gaining coal. More recently there was auto parts shop.

The building of Průběžná Jídelna will become a background for musicians and bands. They will find here quiet place in soundproof rehearsal rooms for creation and they will also be able to use services of recording studio.

Recording studio and control room (57m2)

9 music rehearsal rooms (each 17m2)

For single or long-term hire from 2015 and other opportunities please contact us on

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