Large bloc of buildings situated next to the mine main entrance was built in the fifties of the twentieth century when there was a need to handle more workers. The miners entered from here to their shift and in the halls upstairs changed into shaft working clothes and by elevated bridge headed towards headgear tower and down under the ground. After shift was over they took a shower and changed into clean clothes in Nové Koupelny. The facade with ceramic tiling is the typical architectonical element of those days. The entrance foyer behind the gatehouse enamours with accidence of Brussels style.


Provoz Hlubina has been situated in Nové Koupelny since 2013 and will be there until reconstruction of other buildings with the crux Staré Koupelny is over. First of all we swept out a ton of dust from this neglected building and even under complicated conditions has started to organize events here.

You will find the following spaces in Nové Koupelny:

Two halls upstairs (each 400m2) – mirrored halls with inter space. The first one is light (previously clean changing rooms for civil clothing) and the second one is dark with possibility to darkening (previously changing rooms for dirty miners´ shaft working clothes). Exhibitions, concerts, theatre, film ....

A work space in the middle storey – the lower tiled spaces (previously miners´ showers). The broken storey offers various huge spaces for random usage. We will found here the first DIY workroom in Ostrava.

If you are interested to participate in current activities in Nové Koupelny or you want to organize an event here with Provoz Hlubina please contact us on


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