KOMPRESOROVNA (Compressor building) 

The oldest preserved building of Mine Hlubina but also hall with optimistic constructive frontage from the fifties of the twentieth century – complex of the Compressor building aroused from the joining of two various parts. Historical part towards Staré Koupelny (Old Bathrooms) is suggestive gallery filled with authentic machines which propelled Mine Hlubina. The gigantic motors filled the hall which was added as outbuilding. These did not survive to this day.

A terrace with ivy plants where metal bangs frequently resound from opposite tube mill, cooking classes or gastro gallery in between historical part of building and two spacious halls in the newer part which can serve as a gallery, a place for festivals, concerts and free activities – usage of Kompresorovna is still open. Do you know about suitable project? Contact us.

Social space, exhibition hall (370m2)

Hall (340m2)

Terrace (195m2)

For single or long-term hire from 2015 and other opportunities please contact us on provoz@provoz.net


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