Vítkovice Ironworks as Rudolf´s blast furnace began to inscribe indelibly into industrial history of Ostrava in 1828. After 8 years the first coke furnace in Austrian monarchy was put into operation in the František´s Valley by the river Ostravice and excavation pit mining Hlubina started in 1852. That is how a unique linked of mining and coal treatment through coke production to iron production developed at one integrated territory that is now named Mine Hlubina and The Lower Area of Vítkovice and since 2002 it is the national cultural monument.

For almost 150 years Mine Hlubina supplied monarchy and later republic with the best quality coal exploited from the depth of 1022,6 meters. While historic epochs were changing above ground and the periods of peace were disturbed by war conflicts underneath the ground in drifts everything was still the same – hard work of hundreds and thousands of mineworkers exploiting the black gold. At the beginning the mineworkers from the whole monarchy lived with families in contiguous today´s ceased colony. In the course of decades men from various parts of Czechoslovakia were coming to the mine and the whole generation already of Ostrava´s families worked there continuously.

The mine exploited 47 160 mil. for its duration. The experts from Mine Hlubina excelled with many of unique technical solutions, the strongest machines propelled the plant, their work was evaluated but paradoxically propagandistically abused. The coal exploitation in the greatest depths brought also tolls of life as for example during series of blasts in 1894 when 235 mineworkers died at three mine complexes in Hlubina.

The last cart with coal was pulled out to the surface on 30th June, 1992 and it´s shafts were filled in between 1995 and 1996. After mine stopped to function this hundreds of hectares of mine area was more or less closed for public. But recovery of the most valuable buildings started step by step and minor tenant has began to come in and held cultural events of which the most important is Colours of Ostrava. In the recent years The Lower Area of Vítkovice with partners aims systematically to get it back on the map of Ostrava. Cultural district Provoz Hlubina will fully function from 2015.

Are you history observer of Mine Hlubina? Do you have stories to tell? Do you have photographs or records?

While developing the cultural district of Provoz Hlubina we do not want to obey the coal history of mine but we want with all due respect to take it up.

Please contact us on: provoz@provoz.net or on any telephone number in section CONTACTS.

We will continuously update information and share your memories here.



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