The last cart with coal was pulled out to the surface in the thirties of 1992 and it´s shafts were filled up between 1995 and 1996. After the mine stopped to function this hundreds of hectares of mine area was more or less closed for public. But later recovery of the most valuable buildings started and step by step minor tenants have begun to come in and held cultural events here of which the most important is Colours of Ostrava. In the recent years The Lower Area of Vítkovice with partners aims systematically to get it back on the map of Ostrava. Cultural quarter Provoz Hlubina will fully function from 2015.

  Náhled ke článku MTZ

Date of Event: 6.12.2013
MTZ is a future film and audiovisual centre of Provoz more

  Náhled ke článku Trafostanice

Trafostanice held the energetic centre of the shaft. The historic observers from times when mining was done in Hlubina, associates the building with mineworkers´ sauna. more

  Náhled ke článku Průběžná jídelna
Průběžná jídelna

The building of Průběžná Jídelna will become a background for musicians and bands. They will find here quiet place in soundproof rehearsal rooms for creation and they will also be able to use services of recording studio. foto more

  Náhled ke článku Staré koupelny
Staré koupelny

Date of Event: 2.12.2013
The coal miners came in here for a shift, changed into shaft working clothes and headed into underground. After reconstruction Staré Koupelny will be the crux of Provoz Hlubina. more

  Náhled ke článku Kompresorovna

This historic part is a gallery of authentic machines of Mine Hlubina. Two spacious halls can serve as a gallery, a place for festivals, concerts and free activities. more

  Náhled ke článku Nové koupelny
Nové koupelny

Provoz Hlubina has been situated in Nové Koupelny since 2013 and will be there until reconstruction of other buildings with the crux Staré Koupelny will be over. First of all we swept out a ton of dust from this neglected building and even under complicated conditions we started to organize events here. more


Mine Hlubina supplied monarchy and later republic with the best quality coal for 150 years. Are you history observer of Mine Hlubina? Do you have stories to tell? Do you have photographs or records? more
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