About Us

Provoz Hubina will be developed in the former black coal mine Hlubina. It is now under reconstruction from EU funds and from 2015 it will offer a background for non-profit activities such as civic associations and other initiatives which are interested in the place they live in and want to change it actively.


In 2011 we formulate together with The Lower Area of Vítkovice project application for grant from EU funds. This application was successful and buildings are now under reconstruction. People from Ostrava and nearest or farther surroundings will have at disposal, after reconstruction, ateliers, music rehearsal rooms, film center with cinema, classrooms, universal halls suitable for theatre, physical activities and other background for education, creation and social life in the heart of Ostrava on the total of 4000 square meters. You can find more information in section PLACES.


In 2010 when in relation to candidacy of Ostrava for title European Cultural City 2015 our plan, in cooperation with The Lower Area of Vitkovice, for a development of creative quarter started to become reality, team of Provoz Hlubina consisting of inspirational team including cultural promoters, professionals and enthusiastic activists who also participate in development of Provoz Hlubina has been created. Who are we and how to join us? Find more in section PEOPLE.


Although the main buildings of Provoz Hlubina are just only coming into life under the hands of builders, we can even now show off with colorful history of events which were held in authentic industrial spaces. From 2010 we organized or supported happenings of several annual events of creative camp Deepcamp, international film festival Camera Eye (Kamera Oko), theatre festival Dream Factory Ostrava and dozens more smaller or bigger events of various genres which you can bring back to mind in section ARCHIVE. In the care of place we are in we repainted neighboring underpass by which visitors of Mine Hlubina and once a year to festival Colours of Ostrava, come in. We also carried out the biggest mural painting on the wall of national cultural heritage in CZ and have contributed with other activities to improve the place that after decades open again to public.


Currently we use hitherto neglected building of Nové Koupelny (New Bathrooms) for cultural events but also for building up first DIY workroom in Ostrava. You can find detailed information about planned events in section PROGRAM.


We create Provoz Hlubina as a place where people can carry out their projects, establish cooperation and also learn new things. So don´t be shy and get in touch with us with your ideas. You can find how to do it in section CONTACTS.